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District English Learner Advisory Committee

We look forward to seeing you at our next
MEETING of the District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

                             WHEN: January 21, 2015
             TIME: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Fremont Union High School District

District Office

589 W. Fremont Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

DELAC Meeting Minutes

DELAC Minutes 12/16/08

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 1/22/09

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 2/12/09

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 3/19/09

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 11/5/09
English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 1/28/10

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 3/4/10

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 5/6/10

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 11/18/10

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 1/20/11

English  Chinese  Spanish

DELAC Minutes 3/17/11

English  Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 5/12/11

English  Chinese  Spanish

DELAC Minutes 12/1/11

English  Chinese  Spanish

DELAC Minutes  1/24/12

English Chinese Spanish

DELAC Minutes 3/8/12

English Chinese Spanish

DELAC Minutes 5/8/12


DELAC Minutes 12/5/12

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 1/23/13

English  Chinese  Spanish

DELAC Minutes 3/13/13

English  Chinese  Spanish

DELAC Minutes 5/8/13

English  Chinese  Spanish

DELAC Minutes 12/4/13

English  Chinese  Spanish

DELAC Minutes 1/22/14

English  Chinese  Spanish

DELAC Minutes 3/12/14

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 5/7/14

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC Minutes 12/3/14

English   Chinese   Spanish

Presentation Slides


  1. Presentation Slides
  2. CDE Common Core Descriptions (English, Chinese, Spanish)
  3. Academic Vocabulary List
  4. Common Core Aligned Task and Sample Non-fiction Texts
  5. Common Core Aligned Task (Chinese)
  6. Common Core Aligned Task (Spanish)

Welcome to DELAC Presentation

English   Chinese   Spanish

DELAC AND EL PROGRAM (Updated: December 2013)






English   Chinese    Spanish


Overview of EL Program Presentation
English   Chinese   Spanish


Needs Assessment Slides (2009)


Needs Assessment Slides (2010)


Needs Assessment Slides (2011)


Needs Assessment Slides (2012)


Need Assessment Slides (2013)

R-30 Language Census Training (2011)
English    Chinese    Spanish


R-30 Language Census Training (2012)


R-30 Language Census Training (2013)

English  Chinese  Spanish


Authorized Teacher Requirements Training Slides

English   Chinese   Spanish  Japanese


Extracurricular Activities Presentation Slides


College Requirements Presentation


Smarter Balanced Update - December 2013