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Intradistrict Council

The Intradistrict Council, or IDC, is a group of representatives from all five schools in the Fremont Union High School District. The student membership is composed of two IDC representatives from each school, the ASB President from each school and the FUHSD Student Board Member. IDC plans district-wide events, including rallies, dances and student exchanges between schools. The representatives also provide information to the Student Board Member to report back to the Board of Trustees.

Student members of the Intradistrict Council

Approval of Charitable Organizations

One of the main responsibilities of IDC is the approval of charities that organizations from each school can donate to. These charities can have one of two statuses:
●      Permanent: School organizations can donate without need of renewal each year; or
●      Temporary: School organizations can donate within the school year it is passed, however this status only lasts for that academic year.

If a school organization wishes to move the status of a charity to Permanent they must pass it through IDC. The charity has to have been under temporary approval at least once in the past and donated to by multiple student groups or schools.

When an organization wants a charity to be approved through IDC, they must first receive approval from their Leadership Class (only applicable at HHS, activities proposal). The Leadership Class should refer them to IDC. Respective IDC reps will coordinate with the IDC President and group requesting charity approval to present the charity at the next IDC meeting. Please inform your IDC reps when you would like to present and they will coordinate with the IDC President to schedule you at the next meeting. The organization will then come to the next IDC meeting with a presentation on their fundraiser (Powerpoints welcome but not required), a nondiscrimination statement from the charity and proof of non-profit status (501c3 also from the charity). 

The presentations should be kept brief and concise (5 minute maximum), while including topics such as, but not confined to: 
- how the charity spends donations;
- how money will be raised;
- what the donation will go towards; and
- specifics on the charities goals and programs.  

If passed by IDC, the Student Board Representative, who is present at all IDC meetings, will schedule a time for the organization to present their proposed charity to the Board of Trustees (at least 2 weeks after IDC presentation). The Board will have the final decision whether or not to approve the charitable organization (either on a permanent or temporary basis). 

The process for approving charities should be started at least 6 weeks prior to the fundraiser.

The last IDC meeting for approval of charitable organizations this school year will be in April 2018.

Administrative Regulation 1321: Solicitation of Funds from and by Students


Membership List and Contact Information

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Upcoming Events

IDC ASB Leadership Event at Homestead High School - Jan. 17, 2018

IDC Exchange at Fremont High School - Jan. 26, 2018

IDC Exchange at Homestead High School - March 16, 2018

IDC Fantastics at Homestead High School - March 23, 2018

IDC Exchange at Lynbrook High School - April 13, 2018