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Master Plan for EL

EL Master Plan Forms & Documents

 EL Master Plan Appendix Materials — click to download

EL Reference Documents
  1. EL Program Descriptors
  2. EL Program Calendar
  3. Principal’s Assurances Checklist
  4. English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) – Things to Remember
  5. Procedures for Designating Non-English Speaking Students
  6. EL Funding Sources Purposes
  7. Teaching Learning English Learner Program Flowchart
  8. Reclassification Flow Chart
  9. CPM EL Program Quality Review Checklist for Pre-Visit with Principal
  10. Host School’s Reminders: Internal CPM EL Program Quality Review
  11. Internal CPM EL Program Quality Review
  12. Guidelines for Internal CPM EL Program Quality Review Visitations
  13. Internal CPM EL Program Quality Review – Classroom Observation Record
  14. Internal CPM EL Program Quality Review – Teacher Interview Questions
  15. English Learner Instructor Self-Check
  16. Checklist for Effective Instruction in the English Learner Classroom
  17. English Learner Program: Notification of Findings
  18. ELD Standards Report Card
  19. Program Administrator: English Learners Job Description
  20. English Learner Site Coordinator Responsibilities
  21. English Learner Program Assistant Job Description
  22. Para-Educator – Bilingual
EL Sample Documents
  1. EL Informational Meeting and ELAC Election Invitation
  2. ELAC Agenda
  3. ELAC Minutes
  4. ELAC Officer Training Invitation
  5. DELAC Agenda
  6. DELAC Minutes
  7. DELAC Member Training Invitation
  8. CELDT Score Report Letter
  9. School Plan EL Budget Page
  10. RFEP 2-Year Monitoring Chart
EL Forms
  1. Informal Primary Language Assessment-English
         3A. Chinese Version
         3B. Spanish Version
         5A.  Chinese Version
         5B.  Spanish Version
         7A.   Chinese Version
         7B.   Spanish Version
         8A.   Chinese Version
         8B.   Spanish Version
        9A.    Chinese Version
        9B.    Spanish Version
    10.  Request for Waiver
     10A.     Chinese Version

     10B.     Spanish Version