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FUHSD Parent Survey

Parent Engagement Survey - Fall 2017

Research shows that Parent Engagement with a child's education is an important factor in student success. The Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) is gathering feedback on your experiences as a family in FUHSD through a Parent Engagement Survey. We as a district want to ensure that families have the knowledge and tools needed to be successful supporters of and advocates for their students.

  • The objectives of this Parent Engagement Survey are to hear from you about your experiences with the district, identify opportunities for and potential barriers to family engagement, and inform the work that the FUHSD Family Engagement Committee is doing this year.
  • Topics in this survey include: engagement with student learning, support from school, challenges for engagement and support, and evaluation of district curriculum and priorities.
  • This survey is provided in English, Spanish and Mandarin.
  • Time to complete this survey is approximately 15 minutes.
  • Your responses will remain completely anonymous and results will be reported in aggregate form.  
  • This survey opens on Monday Nov. 6 and closes on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017. 

Your voice matters. Thank you in advance for your participation! Go to the survey now at 


La investigación muestra que el Compromiso de los Padres con la educación de sus hijos es un factor importante en el éxito de los estudiantes. El Distrito de Fremont Union High School (FUHSD) está recopilando comentarios sobre sus experiencias como familia en FUHSD a través de esta Encuesta de Participación de Padres.  Nosotros, como distrito, queremos asegurarnos de que las familias tengan el conocimiento y las herramientas necesarias para ser partidarios y defensores exitosos de sus estudiantes. 

  • Los objetivos de esta encuesta son escuchar sus experiencias con el distrito, identificar oportunidades y posibles barreras para la participación de la familia e informar el trabajo que el Comité de Participación Familiar de FUHSD está haciendo este año.
  • Los temas de esta encuesta incluyen: compromiso con el aprendizaje de los estudiantes, apoyo de la escuela, desafíos para la participación y el apoyo, y evaluación del plan de estudios y las prioridades del distrito
  • Esta encuesta está disponible en Inglés, Español y Mandarín.
  • El tiempo para completar esta encuesta es de aproximadamente 15 minutos.
  • Sus respuestas permanecerán completamente anónimas y los resultados serán informados en forma agregada.  
  • Esta encuesta abre el Lunes 6 de Noviembre y cierra el Viernes 24 de Noviembre de 2017.
  • ¡SU VOZ IMPORTA! Gracias de antemano por su participación!   



  • 本次调查的目的是听取您关于您在该地区的经历,找出家庭参与的机会和潜在障碍,并告知今年FUHSD家庭参与委员会所做的工作。
  • 这次调查的主题包括:参与学生学习,来自学校的支持,参与和支持方面的挑战,以及对学区课程和优先事项的评估。
  • 本调查提供英文,西班牙文和中文。
  • 完成这项调查的时间大约是15分钟。
  • 您的答复将保持完全匿名,结果将以汇总形式报告。
  • 本调查于11月6日星期一开始,并于2017年11月24日星期五结束。
  • YOUR VOICE MATTERS!请发出您的声音!提前感谢您的参与! 

Parent Survey - February 2016

In support of the Fremont Union High School District's dedication to working in partnership with the parents and guardians of FUHSD students, a survey of parents was conducted in February 2016 to measure the degree of parent satisfaction with their student's school and FUHSD. 

The parent survey focused on seven main areas: Curriculum, academic experience, safety and support, staff-parent interaction, preferred communication methods, administration priorities, and strengths and improvements.  A link to the survey was emailed to parents/guardians and paper copies (in English, Mandarin, and Spanish) were mailed to parents/guardians for whom we do not have an email address.  The survey received 2,145 responses from a total of 9,781 unique households, approximately 22% of the FUHSD parent community.  

Click here to view a summary of the parent survey results.

Summary of Parent Survey Conclusions:

Overall, the parent survey identified the greatest strengths of the Fremont Union High School District as:

  • Academic excellence
  • Staff and faculty
  • Community/school environment

The following subjects were identified as areas to improve:

  • Consistency and quality of teachers
  • Fairness and timeliness of grading
  • Communication

Sharing of Parent Survey Results:

The results of the parent survey were collated by Hanover Research and provided to FUHSD in March 2016.  Between March and May of 2016, presentations to share the survey results were made at each high school site to various stakeholder groups including PTSAs, School Site Councils, English Language Advisory committees, Bilingual Committees, and Los Padres groups, as well as the FUHSD Intra District Council (IDC), the student representative leadership group. In addition, FUHSD principals have shared the results with their school staff members.  

Local Control Accountability Plan

The parent survey was conducted to address the following goals articulated in the FUHSD Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP):

  1. Sustain generally high student performance while ensuring high levels of learning for every student
  2. All students will have access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum designed to help them pursue their passions and interest while preparing them for college and careers
  3. Every student will feel safe, cared about, and both academically and socially engaged in school
  4. Parents, students, and other community stakehodlers will have a variety of opportunities to learn about and give feedback on school and District priorities, expenditures, and programs

Many of the strengths and needs areas identified by parents have already been identified by the District as key areas to focus on as part of the LCAP over the next several years:

  • Goal 1: Academic support of struggling students
  • Goal 2: Improve consistency of grading
  • Goal 3: Emotional support for struggling students
  • Goal 4: Communication between parents and teachers

​Click here to read the LCAP that was approved by the FUHSD Board of Trustees on June 21, 2016. 

High School Action Plans

Each of the FUHSD high schools is in the process of working with their parent communities to review and discuss the survey data in greater detail, identify their unique priorities, and develop action plans to address these areas.  In general, the principal at each school has indicated that the following issues are those that their school communities would like to look into in greater detail:

  • Cupertino High School: Grading practices
  • Fremont High School: Grading practices
  • Homestead High School: Marketing (grading, homework, and teacher consistency) and staff helpfulness
  • Lynbrook High School: Communication (Advanced Placement and Honors class access, consistent curriculum and instruction) and staff helpfulness
  • Monta Vista High School: Coherence (grading and curriculum), communication (parent-teacher), and stress reduction