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Organizational Beliefs

Organizational Beliefs: Teaching and Learning

The Fremont Union High School District hires and supports teachers, staff and school leaders who believe that all students can achieve at high levels, and who are committed to continuous improvement of their practice to ensure that students do so. We have no illusions about the difficulty and complexity involved in this effort. However, those who choose to work in this district enter a collaborative, interdependent, professional community that will not be satisfied with the status quo.

We are committed to both excellence and equity.

  • Maintaining our excellence requires that we commit to ensuring high levels of learning for all students: learning that is not limited to the knowledge and skills measured on state and national assessments.
  • Equity requires a commitment to hold high expectations for all students, and to vary the allocation of resources (time, money, expertise) to ensure the success of EVERY student.

We believe that the effectiveness of individual teachers, collaborative teams, and schools as a whole should be defined in terms of their impact on student learning.

We believe that effective instruction and well-targeted interventions can narrow the gaps in student achievement associated with socio-economic, language and racial diversity.

We believe that every school, through a collaborative process, must define a set of essential learning outcomes and ways to assess progress on those outcomes for every course.

We expect that teachers teach toward those agreed-upon outcomes, assess progress toward them, and collaborate to take responsibility for the success of all students in reaching them. 

We expect schools as-a-whole to offer targeted supports and interventions as necessary to help all students achieve agreed-upon essential learning outcomes.

We believe that every school district employee plays an important role in supporting student learning.

We believe that effective schools operate as more than the sum of their parts. We expect every staff member to take responsibility for continuous improvement of his/her individual practice  AND for contributing to the collective action of the organization as a whole.

And finally...

We expect district and school leaders to continuously examine our policies and practices in light of these beliefs and commitments; and to work with schools to deploy resources and create the conditions under which...

...each school      
  …each staff member    
    …and every student  
      …will achieve at high levels.