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Great Students

The five high schools of the Fremont Union High School District...

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Powerful Teaching

The nearly 1,000 staff members of the FUHSD dedicate...

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Student Voice

Who speaks for the nearly 11,000 FUHSD students ...

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Great Students Powerful Teaching-Sept. 2015 Student Voice


Highlights From Around the District


Often when people think about FUHSD, it is the five high schools of the Fremont Union High School District - Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook, and Monta Vista - that are front and center in their thinking.  However, FUHSD's Adult and Community Education is a shining star in the education world and of central importance in those endeavor's is ACE's Adult Secondary Education program.  ASE provides adults who have not yet completed their secondary studies with the opportunity to pursue and earn their high school diploma or GED.  Click here to learn more about this exceptional program that changes students' lives for the better and expands their future options. 


FUHSD's ASE Class of 2016


Cupertino High School senior Allyson Chiu recently testified before the State Board of Education to encourage the adoption of expanded classroom instruction to include information about prominent gay people and LGBT rights milestones in history classes.  This addition is being considered by the State Board of Education along with a broader review of California's history and social studies curriculum standards.


Allyson testified that the proposed revisions would go a long way towards helping LGBT students fell more comfortable at school.  She shared that, "My classmates can solve quadratic equations or cite the elements on the periodic table.  They can't tell you who Harvey Milk was or the significance of the Stonewall Riots."


Click here to learn more about this subject and the proposed changes.


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 8.48.27 AM.png

Allyson Chiu testifying before the State Board of Education on July 14, 2016


Photo credit: US News & World Report



After twelve years of dedication to the Fremont Union High School District -- and forty years serving educational efforts -- Academic Deputy Superintendent Kate Jamentz will be retiring on June 30, 2016.  The innovation, deep thinking, and collaborative work that are the hallmark of Kate's FUHSD tenure are deeply woven into the FUHSD fabric and phrases that now so easily roll-off the tongues of FUHSD staff members as if they had always been known include the FUHSD belief statements, "intelligence is malleable", "guaranteed and viable curriculum", and "all means all". They are signs of the difference that Kate has made at FUHSD and throughout the community.  


FUHSD Superintendent Polly Bove commented that, "I cannot envision a more intelligent, strategic, focused, dedicated, or passionate leader to have had at my side over these past nearly twelve years than Kate. She has inspired and challenged us to set high expectations for our students and ourselves and provide all students with rigorous classroom experiences."


In celebration of the immeasurable difference that Kate has made while at FUHSD,  a new award has been established: the Dr. Kate Jamentz Award: Ensuring Excellence Through Collegial Collaboration.  Each year this new award — and the only FUHSD award named for an individual —  will be given to a FUHSD team that exemplifies the best in collaboration and achievement.  


Click here to learn more about this extraordinary educator.  


Kate, Polly, and Trudy.jpg
Academic Deputy Superintendent Kate Jamentz, FUHSD Superintendent Polly Bove, and Assistant Superintendent Trudy Gross.




One hundred and thirty-five instrumental music students from Lynbrook recently performed at Carnegie Hall, which included their performance of a world premier piece (Tranquillo by Christopher Lowry). The adventures also included multiple other New York City performances, seeing Les Misérables on Broadway, and taking a scenic dinner cruise. Lynbrook High School band director Mike Pakaluk described the trip by saying “The performances at Carnegie Hall were a highlight of my career as a teacher and a musician. The stage brought out terrific musicianship from our students. Multiple parents from other groups, as well as directors and the World Projects representatives, approached me after the LHS performances to say how impressed and even "blown away" they were by the quality of the Lynbrook groups.”


Click here to see links to the audio performance from Carnegie Hall. 

Photo credit: Martin Eckert



Homestead High School Class of 2016 student Whitney Lieberman is taking the culinary world by storm with the publication of her new cookbook.  Whitney transformed her love for easy-to-make vegan meals into a cookbook entitled 'Freshly Vegan: Plant-Based Recipes for Beginners.'  


Click here to read a newspaper article about Whitney's endeavor and click here to learn more about her cookbook.


Whitney Lieberman-HHS.png
Photo credit: Jacqueline Ramseyer


The Fremont Union High School District has adopted a set of beliefs to guide our path to excellence and equity.


Please view the statements here: Beliefs


First Day of School:

Monday, August 15

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