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Tip Line


Anonymous Residency Reporting Tip Line 

(408) 522-2299

The Fremont Union High School District is making a concerted effort to preserve its schools for only the students who reside within District boundaries. In the past 5 years, we have disenrolled over 800 students who provided false residency information. 

Catching students with false residency has saved the District over $7 million and saved many valuable programs and staff members. We will continue to closely examine all forms of residency verification, and when needed, conduct home visits to assure the veracity of student residency.

Please use the ANONYMOUS Residency Reporting Tip Line 
if you believe someone is falsifying his or her residency.

When using the Residency Reporting Tip Line, be sure to speak slowly and clearly. All serious reports will be investigated, but no calls will be returned. Please provide as much information as you can, such as:

  • Name of Student
  • Student's grade level
  • School Student is attending
  • District address student is currently using
  • Family or student who actually resides at this District address
  • Student's out-of-district home address, or District or city within which student resides
  • Student's out-of-district home phone number
  • How you learned of student's non-district address. For example, the student may have told you; you may have driven the student home after school or a school event; you may have visited the student at home. Remember: You are providing this information anonymously. This information will not be shared with the student. This information does, however, help our investigators in determining the validity of the student's address.
  • Any other information you feel would be helpful to our investigators

Thank you for supporting the Fremont Union High School District's residency efforts.