Middle College

  For students registered for high school in the Fremont Union High School District in collaboration with De Anza College.

Middle College Timeline

2017-2018 Applicant Info & Important Dates


On-Site Student Information Meetings Finished for 2017


Interview Sign-Ups and Essay Writing at De Anza Middle College Info Meeting--attendance required

Wednesday, February 8 [finished]


Middle College Applications: Due March 3

Teacher Evaluations (of students applying): Due March 15, link found in application

Interviews* for Middle College: March 20-24 and 27-31


Middle College Admissions Decisions April 19 by 5pm

Confirmation of Acceptance (by students) April 26 by 5pm

*Interviews are only conducted with the student and at least one parent or legal guardian present. See Interview Handout from 2/8 for more details. 

To be eligible for an interview, students must have submitted a completed Middle College application, written an essay on-site with Middle College staff, and obtained at least two teacher evaluations, one from a current English or Social Studies instructor, and one from an academic instructor.

Dates below apply to students accepted to Middle College only


De Anza Planning Sessions May (TBA, with Emmy)


Pre-Registration Group Meeting June 2 at De Anza 

Individual Pre-Registration Meetings Late June/Early July (TBA, per advisors)


De Anza Fall Quarter Online Registration Mid-July (TBA, per De Anza College)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes can Middle College students take?

All Middle College students must successfully complete high school English and Social Studies courses and at least two three-unit De Anza classes each quarter, and no Middle College student can take more than 16 De Anza units during a quarter. In their first quarter, Middle College students take no more than 11.5 De Anza units.

Do students have to pay to attend Middle College?

Middle College students do not pay De Anza registration fees unless they enroll in more than 11.5 college units, but are responsible for materials fees, transportation and the cost of books and exceeding $65 per quarter. Students taking more than 11.5 De Anza units with advisor approval must pay per-unit fees (currently $31 per unit but subject to increase) and costs for ALL registered college units.

Are there minimum application requirements?

Students must pass De Anza placement tests and have completed the FUHSD Math graduation requirement (passed both semesters of Algebra I and Geometry) before entering Middle College

Do students need to be California residents?

Students must reside within the FUHSD boundaries and be enrolled with the district. Non-California residents who live within the FUHSD boundaries may be subject to De Anza out-of-state fees and some international students may not be eligible, depending on visa status – please see this website for more information: De Anza Admissions

Do students have to live within the Fremont Union High School District?

Yes. Only students who have registered for school with the district and established their residency will be eligible to interview – please see this website for more information: FUHSD Enrollment

Program Benefits

Middle College students benefit from a wide array of course choices at De Anza College and from a small learning community of fellow students. They receive one-on-one support from the Middle College advisors, who assist them with course planning and academic development, and additional support from an on-site guidance counselor. They also have access to services and opportunities at De Anza College, from tutoring to clubs to student government.