Measure B Bond Program

Your Bond Dollars at Work!

On June 3, 2008, voters in the Fremont Union High School District passed Measure B, a $198 million school bond to: construct and renovate classrooms and science labs, replace or modernize aging food service facilities, construct solar electricity systems, replace aging infrastructure, create a long term technology fund, modernize our tracks and fields and implement other long term facility improvements.  Since then, FUHSD has been able to identify an additional $33,424,957 to be utilized as a revenue source to help facilitate construction of the Measure B Bond Program.  The original Program Implementation Plan (PIP) can be found here.


Due to increased enrollment projections not only at FUHSD but at our feeder districts as well, the District and it’s Bond Management Team are evaluating the current project list and restructuring currently planned projects to include additional classrooms that meet the projected enrollment needs.  A priority in the design of all classrooms under Measure B is that they are designed to meet 21st Century Vision standards and be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of future academic needs.  Based on the need for additional classrooms and larger facilities, the Bond Management Team has hired architects to Master Plan each site.  These Master Plans will help ensure that projects are identified, prioritized, designed and executed in the proper order to allow for efficiencies in construction and site facility use while maintaining a unique vision for each campus. 

Site specific information can be found through the links below.

Cupertino High School

Fremont High School

Homestead High School

Lynbrook High School

Monta Vista High School