New Logo Design


Logo Original_small.jpg

A Logo is Born
The original Fremont Union High School District Logo was created in 1969 by a ring designer from Jostens Class Rings.  Several variations of the logo were tried until the logo was approved by then Superintendent Jack Roper in 1971.

The original logo was black and white and featured the now long standing symbols of a compass, electron pathways and three trees.  Using symbols created for class rings, the compass represented Science and Math, the electron pathways (valances) were chosen to represent The Silicon Valley and the three trees represented the orchards that once marked the surrounding landscape.


1990’S Update
In the late 1990’s the original logo was updated to add color (red and beige) and a new font was used for the district name and slogan.  Though not a drastic change, the updated logo developed in the 90’s helped bring our logo into the digital age and was widely used on the FUHSD website in both color and black and white formats.
FUHSDLogo_Circle_small.jpg A New Look for 2012
With the original FUHSD Logo nearing 40 years of age, many felt that it had become outdated and no longer fully represented the image of our district.  Instead of designing a new logo, it was decided that the original logo needed a “refresh” to better represent the district now and in the future.

This decision was purposeful and stemmed from a desire to leverage recognition of the existing logo and positive awareness of the district. The District wanted an enhanced, more cohesive identity for the district, so the existing logo was refined and refreshed for a more contemporary look.

In creating the “refreshed” logo, the compass and atoms were retained as they remain strong academic symbols, but a decision was made to substitute the trees (barely recognizable to many) with the year the district was founded: 1923. The raw form of a shield in the original logo was refined and made more distinctive as a collegiate-style shield in reference to the district’s achievements and work in quality college preparation. The refreshed logo has been modernized but has a classic feel to ensure it will stand the test of time.

Because of the flexibility needed to create a wide variety of digital and print media, the new logo has been designed in 3 different formats: circular, centered and horizontal
FUHSDLogoCentered.jpg FUHSDLogoHoriz.jpg