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Belinda Zeng Awarded United States Patent


Silicon Valley DECA President and California DECA Member Belinda Zeng Awarded United State Patent.

On Jan 3rd, 2012, the United State Patent and Trademark Office has granted to Belinda Zeng a patent entitled "FASHION DESIGN METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS", patent number 8,090,465.

Belinda was inspired to develop this patent when preparing for her DECA competition project in 2009 under her advisor Mr. Carl Schmidt. With her 1st place DECA competition idea, Zeng realized the feasibility of her idea, and so, she submitted her patent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Two years later in November of 2011, the patent was finally approved and was issued in January of 2012.

Zeng’s patent, named Fashion Design Method, System and Apparatus, is a software system that allows you to design and try on clothes and accessories in a virtual dressing room with a virtual 3-D you.

Belinda Zeng is the current president of Silicon Valley DECA, one of the fastest growing regions in California with a 40% growth in membership within the last year, and has been actively involved in DECA ever since her freshman year.  Her patent can be found at United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent data base.