District News

An Introduction to FUHSD’s Beliefs about Teaching and Learning

Last May the Fremont Union High School District Board of Trustees endorsed a set of Beliefs about Teaching and Learning. Over 100 FUHSD teachers and administrators collaborated to create this important document. It is designed to support and encourage systemic, professional collaborations focused on the goal of ensuring high levels of learning for every student.

  • The statements declare a belief that the FUHSD can and should become even better than we already are.

  • The statements paint a vision of schools as dynamic organizations in which every student and every adult is continuously learning and improving what they do.

  • The statements envision schools in which teachers are empowered to, and responsible for, making collective decisions about what students should learn and how best to make sure that they learn those things.

Under No Child Left Behind, many policy-makers and politicians advocated that decisions about what students should learn, and how they should learn it, should be externally mandated and prescribed by those outside the classroom. Our beliefs, by contrast, suggest that our own knowledgeable teachers, informed by research, experience and the Common Core State Standards, are exactly the right people to work together to establish course-level learning goals, plan curriculum and implement instruction that makes it possible for every student to do high level work. The beliefs also recognize and value the critical role our support staff play in the education of our students.

Making good on these Beliefs about Teaching and Learning will be difficult. Many FUHSD students come to us ready and eager to learn. They need programs that harness that energy and can push them to new levels. Other students come ill-prepared and lacking confidence in their ability to succeed academically. These students need programs that help to rekindle their confidence and motivation to learn; opportunities that accelerate their learning so that they are not left behind their peers.

FUHSD is committed to meeting the needs of all our students. All over the district there are examples of teachers, administrators and support staffs who are working together in new ways. Over the next several months, this newsletter will be used to detail our belief statements and illustrate the kind of work being done to make them a reality.