Musical Prowess


Lynbrook High School senior Cheryl Chang was selected for the coveted role as the feature soloist at the upcoming Santa Clara County Honor Band concert on Jan. 12, 2014 at Saratoga High School.  Cheryl will play the Chaminade Concertino and will be backed by an orchestra of fifty musicians.  FUHSD students comprise more than one third of the 103 members of the Honor Band.  When Cheryl learned that she was selected as the feature soloist she was so excited and jubilant that she jumped up and down on her bed. 


At the age of seven Cheryl’s parents brought her to a local music store and gave her the choice of several different musical instruments to learn.  She was drawn to a flute because it was so shiny and has stuck with it ever since.  What started as a childhood pursuit has developed into a passion and Cheryl plans to continue to play flute in college and throughout her life.  As she says, “When you walk into a practice room you leave everything behind and fully immerse yourself in the music."

Much like the endorphins that kick-in after exercising, Cheryl gets the same kind of feeling when she plays the flute. She plays with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the San Jose Youth Orchestra and Symphony and the Lynbrook High School Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra.  Cheryl also participates in the LHS Music for the Community Club and swims for the LHS varsity swim team.  Cheryl plans a career in medicine with a possible minor in music.