Course Information and Graduation Requirements

District Course Selection Guide

The District Course Selection Guide provides valuable information on the following:

  • Course Descriptions by Department
  • College Admissions Testing
  • Guidance and Planning
  • Educational Options

The courses listed are the approved courses for the entire district, but not all courses are offered at every school.  Please contact the individual school for a list of courses offered at that school. 

2018-2019 Course Selection Guide


For a text version of the Course Selection Guide, that can be translated into several languages, please click the link below:

2016-2017 Course Selection Guide Text

Math Course Selection FAQs for 8th Grade Families

This district brochure includes information based on our most frequently asked questions from 8th grade families about high school math courses and the course selection process.

District Math Information 2017

Math Placement Policy

The California Mathematics Placement Act was passed in 2015 and is intended to ensure use of a fair, objective, and transparent mathematics placement protocol that limits the use of subjective criteria in placement decisions. The FUHSD Board of Trustees affirms that such a protocol will help students and families make informed decisions that will result in an appropriate 9th grade mathematics placement.


1. Placement in mathematics courses is determined by a student’s course request and verified by the parent/guardian through the course verification process. FUHSD staff provide guidance to students and parents about the District’s math course offerings during the course selection process, including course information sessions, online, and printed materials.


2. The following measures are used to guide placement in 9th grade math courses:

  • District-approved diagnostic assessments;
  • Standardized assessment scores from 7th and 8th grade, when available; and
  • Course performance, including grades, from 8th grade.

3. For students receiving special education services, final course placement will be determined by the IEP team.


4. Within the first month of the school year, school staff will conduct a review of 9th grade math course enrollment based on 8th grade course enrollment and final grades, diagnostic assessment results, and standardized test results. If a student previously received passing scores in the course and earned proficient ratings on the related assessments, school staff will consult with the student, parent/guardian, and current math teacher to discuss advancing the student to the next course in the sequence. 


Parent/Guardian and Pupil Recourse for Challenging Mathematics Placement

The District acknowledges the need to offer clear and timely recourse for each student and their parent/guardian who has questions about their student’s mathematics course placement.  The District enumerates the following steps:

  • A parent/guardian may request a meeting with school staff to review and discuss the measures used to inform their student’s mathematics course selection.
  • A parent/guardian may request that the pupil be placed in a course against the professional recommendation of site staff. This request may occur as part of the course selection process, or may require additional documentation.  

Public Reporting of Mathematics Placement Policy and Results

Pursuant to Section 51224.7 of the Education Code, district staff will report annually to the Board on the aggregate pupil placement data, demonstrating that all students are appropriately and fairly placed in mathematics courses as described above.

Community Language Partners

The Fremont Union High School District has established partnerships with several local community language schools to support students in continuing their language studies. Currently enrolled FUHSD students may be eligible to apply for coursework completed through a community language school to be included on their transcript under the following guidelines:

  • coursework will be completed while the student is currently enrolled in FUHSD
  • the course would count toward the maximum credit limit of 70 credits earned per school year
  • no more than 40 outside credits will be included on an FUHSD transcript over four years
  • the coursework was approved by the high school administrator prior to the student enrolling in the course
  • the community language school submits to the high school or district office an official transcript at the end of the term

List of FUHSD Community Language Partners for the 2016-2017 school year