Parent & Guardian Sections

Parent/Guardian Demographics

Enter each parent or legal guardian of the student, even if a parent/guardian lives at a different address than the student.  

  • Use legal names that would be on a driver’s license or other legal document.   When a Parent/Guardian picks up a student from school, legal identification will be required, and the names will need to match.  However, you may enter a nickname or preferred name:  

  • If the Parent/Guardian lives at the student's primary address, then answer that question "Yes" and be sure to check the box indicating this is the person's address.

  • If the Parent/Guardian does not live at the student's primary address, answer that question "No", and you may optionally enter location information or a U.S. mailing address where school mailings can be sent.   (No materials are mailed outside of the U.S.)  Leave the checkbox empty.
Parent/Guardian Contact Info

Please provide as much Contact Information as possible, so we have the best chance of contacting a Parent/Guardian when necessary.  

  • An email is expected, but if the Parent/Guardian has none, check the box:
  • The Contact Preferences may be un-checked if this Parent/Guardian does not want to receive emails for any of the reasons described.
Parent/Guardian Active Military Service

The U.S. Federal government requires that we collect information on Parents/Guardians in active military service as part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).