Emergency Contact Sections

Emergency Person’s Demographics

Emergency contacts  must be at least 18 years old and must not be a parent/guardian.   (All parents and legal guardians should be listed in the Parent/Guardian section, whether or not they live with the student.)


Enter legal first name and legal last name of this person.   In an emergency, students can only be released to someone proving their identity with a legal document, such as a driver’s license.   Use the Nickname or preferred name field for a more familiar version of the first name, if desired.


Please provide the middle name, suffix, and birth date, if possible, so we can distinguish this person from others in our system with the same or similar name.


Check the box to indicate that this person is probably already in our data system because he/she is a current or former student, parent, emergency contact, staff member, etc.


Emergency Person’s Contact Information


Enter phone numbers and an email where the person can be reached.   At least one phone number is required.  


(If phone numbers or email address change, these data may be updated throughout the year through the Parent Portal into our data system.  You will get more information on the Portal after your student is enrolled.)