Household Info. Sections

Primary/Home Phone


Enter the phone number that will be the primary point of contact for a student and his/her family.  This can be a home land line number or a parent/guardian cell number.   (Each parent/guardian’s cell number and work number will be requested later on as well.)


Home Address


Enter the primary home address for the student.  The student will only be associated with one address, even if he/she has residence at multiple addresses.


Start by entering the house number.  Possibly continue with the first few letters of the street name, until your address is displayed in green in the Match List of addresses which will pop up below where you are typing.   As soon as you see your address appear in the Match List, click on the address;  the address fields will fill for you.  


Your address is displayed again, so you can review it in an easier to read format.


Reasons your address may not display in the Match List:

  1. Addresses within the boundaries of FUHSD should appear in green in the Match List for you to select.   However, it is possible that some addresses may not have made it into our system.
  2. If your address is not within the boundaries of FUHSD, it may not display in the Match List.

If your address does not display in the Match List, enter the address fully by hand.   The FUHSD Residency Office will review your registration to resolve any issues with addresses and school boundaries.