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Department Main Phone       Department Main Phone
Office of Superintendent 522-2202   Bond Program & Technology 522-2294
Teaching and Learning 522-2243   Maintenance & Facilities 522-2255
Business Services 522-2212   Human Resources 522-2229
Food Services 522-2216   Enrollment and Residency 522-2266

All phone numbers are are in the following format: (408) 522 - # # # #  unless otherwise noted.

All employee e-mail is in the following format:  first name_last  Ex.

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Office of the Superintendent # # # #
Polly Bove Superintendent of Schools 2201
Susan Davis Interim Executive Assistant to Superintendent 2202
Vacant Manager of Communications 2206
Lisa Stein Reception Desk 2200
Soo Tay Reception Desk 2200
Teaching and Learning Department # # # #
Kate Jamentz Academic Deputy Superintendent 2207
Judy Gillani Executive Asst. to Academic Deputy Supt. 2243
Trudy Gross Director of Educational & Special Services 2285
Marianne Hew Coordinator of Curriculum & Assessment 2291
Alison Coy Coordinator of Educational Options 2275
Josh Maisel Prog. Admin. of Ed. Opts. & Teacher Induction 2297
Rose Du Mond Coordinator of Special Services 2232
Menko Johnson Coordinator of Instructional Technology (Bond) 2270
Susan Atkinson Prog. Admin. of Special Ed. & Voyager Program 366-7771
Betty Lee Student Data Systems Manager 2236
Susan Lake District Nurse 2238
Donna Betts Special Services Support Technician 2240
Susan Magana Special Services Sr. Clerical Support 2242
Bernard Vargas Data Analyst 2254
Lynn Puccinelli Registrar of Educational Options 2208
Amanda Evans Student Records Specialist / Ed. Options 2241
Business Services # # # #
Christine Mallery Chief Business Officer/Associate Superintendent 2245
Jeanie McCune Executive Asst. to CBO/Associate Supt. 2212
Jason Crutchfield Director of Business Services 2226
Eva Choy Controller 2211
Don Gilbert Certificated Payroll 2221
Lalaine Macapagal Classified Payroll 2224
Sherill Panelo Benefits (all) 2214
Rick Magana Senior Account Analyst 2217
Toni Mari Accountant / Bond 2210
Pam Coppel Attendance, Billing & Retiree Benefits 2219
Avelina Pabingwit Categorical Programs 2223
Caroline Perez Reimbursements and Conference Requests 2213
Ruth Sandoval Purchasing Agent 2218
Jiahui Li Purchasing Specialist 2215
Wilson Kwan Accounts Payable (A-K) 2273
Cora Ustaris Accounts Payable (L-Z) 2220
Christine Castle ROP JPA Account Technician TBD
Enrollment and Residency # # # #
Julie Darwish Manager of Enrollment and Residency 2280
Wil Mandac Enrollment and Residency Verification Support 2281
Elena Macias Enrollment and Residency Verification Support 2266
Food Services Department # # # #
Bill Schuster Coordinator of Food and Nutrition Services 2216
Elaine Alfaro Senior Account Specialist - Food Services 2231
Maintenance and Facilities Operations # # # #
Erik Walukiewicz Coordinator of Maintenance & Facilities Operations 2256
Matt Bryant Maintenance & Operations Sr. Support Technician 2255
Administrative & Student Services Department # # # #
Vacant Associate Superintendent Administrative Services  
Vacant Executive Asst. to Assoc. Supt. of Admin. Serv.  
Human Resources Department # # # #
Tom Avvakumovits Director of Human Resources 2228
Stacey Stebbins Coordinator of Human Resources 2279
Joann Finley Senior Human Resources Specialist 2227
Sarah Peirce Senior Human Resources Specialist 2230
Melissa Duran Senior Human Resources Specialist 2225
April Perez Senior Human Resources Specialist 2229
Bond Program # # # #
Glenn Evans Chief Operating Officer/Associate Superintendent 2205
Ellie Johnson Executive Assistant to COO/Assoc. Supt. 2294
Sharon Serrano Coordinator of Facilities Modernization 2203
Aram Darmanian Manager of Bond Operations 2233
Art Arciniega Admin. Asst. for Facilities Modernization 2204
Technology Department # # # #
Scott Harrington Coordinator of Network Operation and Tech. 2237
Art Hernandez Network Support Specialist 2268
Dave Turner Network Support Specialist 2264