Bond Program

Lynbrook & Monta Vista Final Environmental Impact Reports

The Final Environmental Impact Reports (Final EIR) for the proposed track and fields improvement and lighting projects for Lynbrook and Monta Vista High Schools have been completed and are now available. The Final EIRs consist of the following documents:


1. July 2010 Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR)

2. December 2010 Amendment to the Draft EIR

3. January 2012 Draft Recirculated EIR (Draft REIR)

4. March 2012 Amendment to the Draft REIR


All of these documents can be found at:


The Final Recirculated Environmental Impact Reports (Final REIR) for the Lynbrook and Monta Vista High Schools Sports Fields Improvements and Lighting Projects are available by clicking on the links below.  The Final REIRs are also available for review at the Fremont Union High School District Office at 589 West Fremont Avenue, Sunnyvale CA 94087 during regular business hours. 


The Amendment to the Draft REIR, together with the July 2010 Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR), December 2010 Amendment to the Draft EIR, and January 2012 Draft Recirculated Environmental Impact Report (Draft REIR) for the Lynbrook High School Sports Fields Improvements and Lighting, constitutes the Final REIR for the proposed project.  The Amendment to the Draft REIR includes responses to all comments received from the public and interested government agencies during the 45-day public review period, as well as additions and corrections to the text of the Draft REIR. 


The Final REIR and project consideration will be on the agenda of the April 10, 2012 meeting of the District's Board of Trustees. That meeting will be held in the Lynbrook High School Auditorium and open session will begin no earlier than 7:00 PM.


LHS Amendment to the Draft Recirculated EIR

LHS Appendix A - Comment Letters

LHS Appendix B - Noise Barrier Survey Letter Responses



MVHS Amendment to the Draft Recirculated EIR

MVHS Appendix A - Comment Letters

MVHS Appendix B - Noise Barrier Survey Letter Responses


The Division of State Architect (DSA) has approved the Sports Fields Improvements and Lighting Projects at Lynbrook High School and Monta Vista High School. At their September 6, 2011 meeting, the Board of Trustees of the Fremont Union High School District approved the award of contracts for the construction of both projects. Follow the links below for current status and information:




The 2009-2010 Annual Report for the Citizens' Oversight Committee for the 2008 School Facilities Bond is now available. 

Click here to go to the Citizens' Oversight Committee web page.


The Board of Trustees approved the Program Implementation Plan (PIP), which was presented by Kitchell CEM and HMC Architects, at the November 30, 2010 Board Meeting. The PIP describes the master plan for the implementation of projects throughout the District, including new classrooms and science labs, new and remodeled student service facilities (libraries, guidance support centers, kitchens, restrooms), infrastructure upgrades (HVAC, mechanical and boiler rooms), and security systems. The PIP discusses the overall and site specific changes that are being proposed.

Click for a copy of the Program Implementation Plan

Facilities Modernization Plans - August 2010

Plans for facilities upgrades at each of our high schools include new classrooms, science labs, student service facilities and infrastructure upgrades at each high school.

Click to see what’s planned for your high school!

CPUC Ruling does NOT affect our Solar Projects

On July 9, 2010, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) handed down a ruling that puts a hold on setting the California Solar Initiative (CSI) incentive rates for new government and non-profit solar projects. This ruling does NOT affect projects which were reserved prior to that date.

All of the Fremont Union High School District solar projects were issued reservations with a committed incentive rate during 2009 and thus are NOT affected by the CPUC ruling of July 9, 2010.

CLICK for the CSI announcement


Homestead, Fremont and Cupertino Tracks and Fields

The contractor will release Homestead’s new baseball, softball and multi-use fields to the school on July 12.  While there may still be some minor tasks and landscaping going on, the school will have unrestricted access from July 12 on.  The situation is similar at Fremont but running a few weeks after Homestead.

Construction has started on the new baseball field at Cupertino High.  The main field and track construction work will not begin until after football season 2010.  The softball/multi-use field construction will start in May 2011.

Solar Project

The last phase of solar construction started in June 2010 and should be complete by the end of 2010.  The big projects currently underway are the Fremont and Monta Vista student parking lots and the Cupertino and Homestead staff parking lots.

Analysis of the District Solar Electricity System

Program Implementation Plan (PIP)

District consultants Kitchell CEM and HMC Architects are putting the final touches on the PIP documentation but in the meantime staff is moving forward to identify qualified pools of architects and get some of the smaller and/or more urgent projects off the ground.  Just a few of the big projects that will be tackled over the next few years include: a new two story library/cafeteria/student services building at Cupertino High; new classroom buildings at Fremont and Monta Vista; a global learning center and expansion for student services at Lynbrook; and classroom and library renovations along with a new field house at Homestead High.  Look for lots more information on these and other exciting PIP projects as the details take shape over the coming months.

Technology Project

Installation of classroom digital projectors and audio systems has been completed at Monta Vista and Homestead and is underway this summer at Cupertino, Fremont and Lynbrook High Schools. Site and District staff visited the Wallenberg Center at Stanford this spring and are investigating how some of the exciting concepts developed there can be applied at District high schools.


You may be wondering . . .

If the state budget and school funding are in trouble, why are we doing construction?

Voters approved a SCHOOL FACILITIES BOND in June 2008 for the Fremont Union High School District (Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook Monta Vista High Schools). By law, a SCHOOL BOND may ONLY be spent on facilities and equipment — NOT for teacher salaries, textbooks or other operating expenses. We are using these funds to install SOLAR PANELS in our parking lots and those panels will SAVE the District over $1,000,000 per year. Those savings can and WILL be used for teacher salaries and educational programs!