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Welcome to the Maintenance & Operations section of the website.  Here you can find information about the Maintenance Department staff and services we provide. You will also find up to date information about important maintenance related projects.

Contact Information

Please remember that all district office phone numbers begin with (408) 522 - # # # #





Erik Walukiewicz

Director of Facilities 2256
Tara Grande Coordinator of Facilities


Matt Bryant

Maintenance Support Specialist


Maintenance & Operations Department

What is Maintenance?

The necessary upkeep of existing facilities. This includes buildings, their associated environmental systems such as heating or cooling plants, and surrounding landscaped grounds and playfields. Some examples of maintenance work are the repair of broken windows, replacing of air filters, changing light ballasts, and sealcoating of parking lots.

What is Capital Improvement?

Changes and/or additions to the building structure, systems and grounds. Some examples of capital improvement work are the installation of new walls and doors to make an office, new electrical systems to support a computer lab and adding new equipment.

Why make the distinction?

The funding for maintenance work comes from the district general fund through the Maintenance Department budget. Capital improvements are funded by the individual site budgets or by monies approved by the voters for this purpose, such as our 2008 School Faciliites Bond. Any Maintenance Department funding of capital improvements comes at the expense of ongoing maintenance work.

How do I request maintenance work?

If an emergency exists (defined as a situation that affects the life or safety of students and staff, or causes disruption to the educational process), call the Maintenance Department at 522-2255 and follow up with a work request through the Work Order System. Immediate action will be taken. Non-emergency items shall be addressed through the use of the Work Order System. Fill out the Work Order with as much detail as possible. Once received, the request will be assigned and scheduled for completion. Do not phone in non-emergency work orders.

How do I request capital improvement work?

Use the Work Order System, Provides as much detail as possible and provide the budget account code to be charged. This will also be sent to the Director of Facilities. Work will be scheduled as above.

What if I do not have funding for a capital improvement project?

Periodically, the Director of Facilities and Chief Business Officer will meet to discuss capital improvement requests that may need additional funding. These requests are reviewed, prioritized and accomplished as budgets allow.