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Feeder School Information
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Welcome to FUHSD!

Welcome to the Fremont Union High School District! We are looking forward to having you and your student join us next year as part of the FUHSD family.  High School is an exciting time for parents and students alike and we are eager to get to know you and spend the next years working together as a team to make your student successful.

In order to enroll for next year, we will be asking you to register your student using our new On-Line Registration tool (OLR) starting Jan. 8, 2018 and then participate in a residency verification process.  Our residency efforts help insure that every tax dollar of our community is used to support students that live full time within our district boundaries.

We will begin our annual student registration and residency verification process in late January at the High School Campus your student will attend, unless otherwise notified.  Your official residency verification packet and detailed On-Line Registration instructions, will be mailed directly to your residence in late December and will contain all of the forms and information needed to complete these important processes. If you do not receive this packet then you must complete residency at the District Office in late January.

Please remember the following:

  • A student can have only one residence for the purposes of establishing residency and must live with a parent or legal guardian
  • PO Boxes will not be accepted for residency purposes
  • All documents used for residency must be CURRENT, VALID and ORIGINAL! 

Any student who fails to complete the process by the end of March will be deemed to have moved outside District boundaries and will be dis-enrolled.

The following items are required for registration and Residency Verification.

  1. You must complete the On-Line New Student Registration via the OLR Kiosk link (begins 1/8/2018)
  2. You must complete the FUHSD Residency Declaration Form

You must bring the following current, valid and original documents:

1.  Parent’s Picture ID  - one from the following list:

  • California State Driver’s License or California State ID Card
  •  Valid Passport or Consulate Issued Picture ID

2.  Residency Document #1  - one from the following list:

  • Valid vehicle registration (title documents do not meet residency requirements)
  • Current (2017) W-2 Tax forms
  • Current paycheck issued by employer - employer employee’s name and address must be imprinted on the check (on-line/computer printouts are not accepted)

3.   Residency Document #2  - one from the following list:

  • Original Property Tax Bill with parent name and property address
  • Tenant's copy of Rental or Lease agreement with parent name, student name, and address, as well as manager or owner’s name and phone number

4.  Residency Document #3 - Pacific Gas Electric (PG&E) Bill or statement

Please bring the bill/statement mailed to your residence with parent name and address

CHANGE: If you currently use E-bill for PG&E, you may print the on-line bill in place of an original mailed bill.  A color printed version is preferable.  A photocopy of the electronic bill will not be accepted.

ONLY IF your rental agreement states that utilities (PG&E) are included, then one of the following can be used:

  •  Monthly Bank statement mailed to your residence with parent name and address
  •  Monthly Cable Bill  mailed to your residence with parent name and address

5. Birth Document

A birth document that verifies the student’s legal name, birth date, and birthplace. This may be a birth  certificate or other official birth record.  If a birth document is not currently available in English, a passport may be used temporarily until the proper documentation can be secured. If you do not have a birth certificate or other birth record, please be sure to request a copy as soon as possible from the Recorder’s Office in the county, state or country of birth.



If you are unable to provide any of the above required documents, then you must go to the Enrollment and Residency Office and meet with a Residency Official to discuss your options.

Spanish and Chinese versions of all residency and registration materials are available at the Enrollment and Residency Office.